Persuasive Speech Outline Template: The Motivated Sequence!

“In making a speech one must study three points: first, the means of producing persuasion; second, the language; third the proper arrangement of the various parts of the speech.” ~ Aristotle

Many consider the time spent upon the outline as wasted, and this attitude sadly embodies in the finished speech. A speech without an outline is like building a house without a design or a floor plan.

A persuasive speech should have an orderly arrangement to ensure the effect upon an audience is made easily. It might be said that a good speech is one where the framework is discernible and the audience can repeat the outline of the speech with ease. Of a speech without an outline, the audience can only give confused reports, as it is badly constructed.

An outline helps bring order to thoughts and acts as a reference when writing a persuasive speech. It ensures the speaker doesn’t wander aimlessly through a countryside of words without conveying anything worthwhile.

Where To Begin?

The best place to begin is by understanding Monroe’s Motivated Sequence, a tried and tested persuasive speech sequence that helps overcome the panic associated with a persuasive speech.

It is easy to remember and makes sense even in today’s fast-paced world where the attention span of the audience is shorter.

Alan Monroe, a professor at Purdue University, stated about individuals:

When anything throws them into a condition of disorganization or dissonance, they are motivated to adjust their cognitions or values, or to alter their behavior so as to achieve a new state of balance”

The Motivated Sequence has the potential to take a problem to the audience, explain the solution, and ensure the audience responds positively to the speaker’s intention.

The Motivated Sequence Template By Alan Monroe

There are many different persuasive speech outline templates for a persuasive speech. But this template by Alan Monroe is considered one of the very best. It is known to deliver the persuasive speech in an orderly progression of events, leading to the desired result.

These five steps motivate the audience into taking the required action.

“When confronted with a need or a problem, people see a solution and take action.” ~ Alan Monroe

The Motivated Sequence Persuasive Speech Outline Template

Speaker Initiative

Expected Audience Response


Attention: Gaining attention of the audience.


(Hey, listen, you have a PROBLEM)

Interested in what the speaker has to say.


Need: Putting forth the need, and talking about the Problem


(Okay, let me EXPLAIN the problem)

There needs to be a solution to the problem.


Satisfaction: Satisfying the Need, Coming up with a Solution


(I have a SOLUTION that will help you)

This solution is exactly what I need to solve the problem.


Visualization: Visualizing the Results


(If my solution is IMPLEMENTED, the result will be this; and if my solution is not implemented, this will be the result)

I would love to enjoy those benefits. I must take action.


Action: Requesting Audience to take Action or give their Approval


(You can help me by doing THIS. Can you help me?)

I will make sure I take action or approve the suggested action.


Read through the above template and visualize how something like this can have a huge impact on the audience, see how perfectly your persuasive speech falls into place. All the points are clearly explained. All that is needed is to expand each step, based on the topic of the speech. Insert examples and stories where necessary.

The Need For A Persuasive Speech Template

Each person is made different. For some, motivational speaking and persuasive arguments come naturally. Others may try to avoid such speeches, with the fear that their speech and the message they intend to convey will not be received well by the audience. A template helps improve persuasive skills and confidence in public speaking.

This Motivated Sequence outline template starts with gaining the attention of the audience, creates a convincing need, defines a solution to that need/problem, clearly depicts a picture of success (or failure) and asks the audience to take action right away to enjoy the benefits of the solution.

Many argue that this outline is nothing new and they are right. People are people and this is a success formula that has worked time and again and is bound to work in the future too.

Try This…

Whether votes are to be cast, reforms are to be made, changes are to be inaugurated, sales have to be closed, persuasion is required to arouse the will to act in others. Votes must be cast. Reform has to be financed. Change must be registered. Sales have to be closed.

Persuasion is the key to achieving all this and more. This persuasive speech template can help accomplish the purpose on hand. Use it for the next persuasive speech, and you’ll find that the results are impressive.

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